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Screwfix returns

Company Name Screwfix
Return Time Limit 30 days
Refund Time 14 working days
Return Label Required
Original Packaging Required
Return Address Read below
Exceptions N/A

Screwfix is one of the largest retailers in the United Kingdom dealing with hardware products. Such as power tools, electronics, accessories, and other spare parts for making or decorating homes, offices, gardens, kitchens, bathrooms, and many more. It started working in the year 1979 in the UK and currently working internationally. It has more than 1300 different stores all over the UK, Europe, Turkey, and Russia. The products have a huge variety and are very affordable, and of high quality.

There is also a simple method for product returns if you are not happy with a product.

Screwfix return policy:

If you buy a product from Screwfix, and you are not completely satisfied with it. You can return it back within 30 days of the purchase. But due to the current Covid-19 situation, the company doesn’t allow returns in the stores. It is a step taken temporarily to protect both the staff and customers. The product you are going to return must be in its original condition. The returning product must not be used. You must send it back in the original packaging. All the tags and stickers must be attached to the returning product.

Screwfix returns:

If you get a faulty or defective product, you can return it directly. As well as if you are not satisfied with a product after purchase, you can return that too. There are two ways to return a product to the company. One way is to return it directly to the nearest store. But this option is currently unavailable due to the Pandemic situation. The other way is to send it back through FreePost. You can get a return label by requesting online. After that, you can return back the package through the carrier.

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  1. keith mandle

    I bought a electric shower which is no longer needed in june can i still return it for full refund or credit note still in its original box and unopened .thank you

    • George.carter-allen

      I have purchased a tile cutter which is supposed to be suitable for porcelain tiles very disappointment with results
      I would like to return

  2. Gaìl Jordan

    I bought my husband a welding set on the 11th July this year, he tried it this week. He is a retired Coded Welder, it doesn’t do what it says it can. i.e. it won’t burn a 2.5 rod, an it’s constantly sticking. Obviously, no use to him.
    It is 35 days, how do I return this please.

  3. Jamie Anderson

    I recently installed a faulty outdoor double socket for a customer. I am looking to return it to the store and get a full refund. However, I do not have the packaging anymore and the 20mm knockout for the back box has been drilled out to a 25mm hole for a stuffing gland. Where would you stand with this and can I still return it for my full refund.

    There is also another from an old job that is faulty of the same brand bought from the same screwfix, it is past the 30 day period though. Is it possible to again, get a full refund on this?


  4. Richard Cradock

    I bought an outside light from you on 11/12/2020.
    It’s never been out of the box because,
    1 its winter and
    2 I found I had a light that would do the job.
    I understand that I can’t return to store but can I still return by post

  5. Geoffrey Beck

    I have a product to return due to it being inoperative, have you any dates yet when return policy will once
    again be operative
    many thanks G.P.Beck

    • Author

      Hello Geoffrey,

      Unfortunately, it all depends on how the pandemic plays out and we do not have a clear date for now.
      In the meantime, you can try returning your item through FreePost, You can get a return label by requesting online.

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