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UPS returns

Company NameUPS
Return Time Limit3 working days
Refund Time
Return LabelRequired
Original PackagingRequired
Return AddressRead below

The United Parcel Service (UPS) is a courier company that has several branches in the UK. It is a global parcel delivery and supply chain management business. The UPS makes it easy to deliver packages within the UK in no time. It provides freight forwarding services, logistics services, and courier express services. UPS customers will also benefit from an easy return policy. You can read more about UPS returns below.


UPS return policy:

Regarding UPS returns policy, If the delivered package has a problem or if you’re not satisfied with the product, you can easily return it. However, note that you should return within 3 working days from the delivery. You can return the purchase to any UPS office or UPS drop-box. But remember pickups are pre-paid and an extra fee may be exempted. You could submit your returns request here. The company has also tracking options that help customers see where their package is. Fortunately, the return process is cost-efficient and it satisfies the customer’s needs.

UPS returns:

UPS has four Return Services options available: Print Return Label, Returns Plus, Electronic Return Label, and Print and Mail Return Label. With Print Return Label, a return label could be generated by the customer. Then, the return process shall begin.

When choosing UPS Returns Plus, a driver comes to your address. He attaches the return label while collecting the shipment. It is best suited for businesses, Healthcare companies, and retailers. The Electronic Return is a self-service provider. A return label is emailed to the customer along with the package delivery. Then he/she can complete the process by following the orders in the email if he/she wishes to return.

The last way to return a package to UPS is the Print and Mail Return Label which works best for some circumstances like product recalls. In this method, you yourself print the return label instead of the customer. Then you mail it to them.

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[Updated – August 2022]

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