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Sports Direct Returns & Refunds

Company NameSports Direct
Return Time Limit14 days of delivery
Refund Time14 days
Return LabelRequired
Original PackagingRequired
Return AddressRead below
ExceptionsPersonalized items, items that expire rapidly, mixed items, computer games

Sportsdirect is an international sportswear retailer. They tend to focus on the customer shopping experience and quality, however, there might be some cases where you will have to return items or exchange them for another one.


Sports Direct Returns Policy:

You must make sure to decide if you want to return an item within 14 days of delivery. Once you have informed them of your decision, you have 14 days to return the item. You are legally bound to keep the item in its original form and without any damages, SportsDirect might refuse your return in case the package is broken or damaged.

Personalized items, items that expire rapidly, mixed items, computer games are not returnable.

Sports Direct Returns:

In case you have purchased the item through one of Sports Direct local branches/stores, you can just easily head back to the store and return the item there.

If you have purchased the item through their website, you will have to print their return form first and fill in your information and mail it to their address which is as follows:

Customer Returns, Unit B, Brook Park East, Shirebrook. NG20 8RY.

The reason for return should be clearly mentioned on the return package and you should write down the item(s) you’re willing to exchange with in case you want an exchange. SportsDirect recommends sending your packages using registered post. They will review the quality of your returned package within 30 days and get back to you via E-mail and let you know if you are eligible for a refund. 

Sports Direct Refunds:

Sports Direct offers a full refund if your item is returned in an acceptable condition. A refund will be sent to the same payment method you used to purchase the item with. If the refund is unsuccessful, they will issue a check to your order shipping address. In most cases, you should receive your refund within 14 days of your return. You will be notified via email when your refund is approved. 



  1. Tina Suthers

    Unfortunately, it would not post my rationale for not buying anything from Sports Direct? I wonder why? Just don’t do it, their refund policy is not consumer friendly, just fuelled by greed. Go somewhere else where your consumer rights are much more respected.

  2. Tina Suthers

    If I were advising anybody, it would be to avoid buying anything from Sports Direct at all costs. Most large retailers will happily refund you for purchases you have made for someone else that don’t fit but not Sports Direct, once they have got your hard earned money they are NOT giving it back. You have to instead take a credit note to get something else from them whether you like it or not. I’m sorry, but that is not ok and not the actions of a respectable retailer. If you do want to risk buying something from these charlatans then buy it online. You have much more rights to a full refund as long as you return within 14 days, but I think you have to pay your own postage. I would just steer clear, there are lots more retailers with better products at similar prices where you have better customer service and much more respect for the customer. I for one work far too hard to line the pockets of this mini dynasty.

  3. E.M.

    Return Policy not made clear for buyers. It is not 28days return, or Extended Xmas return, not if you want all your money back. If it’s gone past 14days, they will not refund the postage, they will only refund the price of the item.

  4. Greet

    Sportdirect is suck if you gonna buy their item, please 100% sure you won’t return or refund it.
    If you refund they will try anything to not refund and if you success you won’t get cash back

  5. Nollaig OConnor

    ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS. I bought a helmet for my nephew – and turns out he had one already, so literally half an hour after I purchased it, I went right back to return and was told I couldn’t get my money back?? It was literally 30 mins. My only option was a credit note? Are you joking Pretty sure this is illegal. Will be looking into – I have a whole 30 days to explore further.

  6. Susan Loft

    My son and I purchased some joggers from Sports Direct, Northwich on 20.421. Because of Covid restrictions he was unable to try them on. We were told that if he returned them within 28 days we could get a refund. When he got home he found that he did not like them. I returned to the shop today 26.4.21 with the joggers exactly as they had left the shop with labels intact etc, to be told that I could not have a refund only a reorder in another size or a credit note. I am not impressed with this. Had we known that no refund would have been forthcoming if we decided to return them we would not have purchased them. Other large retailers do not have this policy and especially in the current situation I think this is very poor.

  7. Ken Mcloughlin

    If sports direct offered free returns I would have made the purchase. But as I would be required to pay £4,95 for shipping then more to return if it isn’t right could mean me spending over £10 for nothing.
    No thanks.

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