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P&O Cancellation Policy & Refunds

P&O is the oldest heritage of cruise lines all over the globe. The first passenger was traced back to 1837.

P&O is a British cruise line based in Southampton, England. The famous heritage cruise line is controlled and operated by Carnival UK and owned by Carnival Corporation & plc

p&o cancellation policy


This company was established in 1977 during the restructuring of its operation. 

As they offer holiday packages, there might be a case where you want to terminate your booking with the cruise line. In that case, adequate knowledge of the cancellation policy is required. 

Hence, here we will let you know the detailed cancellation policy of P&O. 

P&O Cancellation Policy

P&O offers a pretty simple cancellation policy. However, in most cases, you do not get a refund from the authority. They have clearly stated that

“circumstances which prevent the Guest from travelling on their holiday (rather than circumstances which prevent P&O Cruises from performing the Package) do not give the Guest the right to a full refund and cancellation charges will apply.”

The cancellation charges are payable even under the circumstances of COVID-19 obligations of self-isolation. It does not let you cancel the contract abruptly without paying the termination fees. The costs depend upon the number of days before you send or announce the cancellation notice.

This cancellation policy applies to all the bookings made on or after the 5th of October, 2021.

P&O Cruises Select Price and Early Saver:

Days before the notice of cancellation Cancellation charges
From the date of booking until 91 days before departure Deposit
90 to 57 days  50%
56 to 42 days 60%
41 to 16 days 75%
15 to 6 days 90%
Less than six days before departure or failure to embark 100%

Cancellation with FCC:

Days before the notice of cancellation Charges
From the date of booking until 91 daysbefore departure FCC to the value of the deposit
90 to 57 days Refund 50%, FCC 50%
56 to 42 days Refund 40%, FCC 60%
41 to 16 days Refund 25%, FCC 75%
15 to 6 days Refund 10%, FCC 90%
Less than six days and up to two days No refund or FCC
From the date of booking until two days prior to departure 100% FCC

Bottom line:

P&O offers impressive holiday cruise packages that are worth trying. Unfortunately, if you have to cancel your bookings, that is also not a problem. Thanks to their simple and transparent cancellation policy. 

You may also exchange your bookings for another date if you wish. This exchange can be done 48 hours before departure. 

We hope the above article helped to answer all your queries.

Thank you!

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