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On the Beach Cancellation Policy & Refunds

On the Beach is a popular online retailer that provides short-haul beach holiday packages. On the Beach works with different companies to help customers with easy hotel and flight bookings. 

The best thing about On the Beach holidays is their custom-made travel packages. You can create your own travel package from numerous hotels and flights combinations. 

On the Beach Cancellation Policy

But one of the common concerns of all customers is whether On the Beach has cancellation policies or not. Well, they definitely do have one. But since they work with different suppliers, there are no fixed rules for the refund. 

Let’s learn in detail about the On the Beach cancellation policy in this guide. 

How Does on the Beach Cancellation Policy Work?

On the Beach cancellation isn’t that flexible. When you confirm your holiday package, the company directly books the hotel and flight with their suppliers. Most flights in your bookings are non-refundable. 

Therefore, if you cancel your bookings, you won’t get any refunds on the flight costs. Even if you make cancellations within five minutes of your bookings, you will have to bear the cost of flight tickets. 

The case is, however, different with hotel bookings. Most hotels offer cancellations within a month of the bookings, but the refund value will vary for each supplier. 

Additionally, you will have to pay the cancellation charges both for On the Beach and the airline company. The cancellation charges are as follows- 

Cancellation period Charges 
Cancelling within 28 days of booking £150 administration fee on top of supplier fee
Cancelling after 28 days of booking  £150 administration fee, additional £30 per person and the supplier fee

On the Beach Holiday Amendment Charges 

You can make changes in your On the Beach bookings if the supplier is open for amendments. But we would suggest you read the supplier policy before making any changes as some don’t offer any changes which could cost you 100% of your booking fee. You’ll have to pay some additional charges for any changes you make. The charges are as follows- 

Type of change Charges 
In-flight request for changes after booking confirmation. Changes like- adding hold baggage, pre-booking seats £30 administrative fee per booking + supplier charges
Change of date £80 administrative fee + cancellation charges of original holiday dates + cost of new bookings
Change of hotel  £80 administrative fee + cancellation charges of original hotel + cost of new bookings
Change of first or last name after booking confirmation  £30 administrative fee per person + supplier’s charges
Remove passenger from your booking  £30 administrative fee per person + supplier’s charges 
Adding passenger  £50 administrative fee per + supplier’s charges 

How Can I Cancel My on the Beach Holiday Bookings? 

Follow these steps to cancel your On the Beach holiday bookings- 

  • Go to the On the Beach website and click on manage my bookings 
  • Cancel your bookings 
  • Now you will have to pay the cancellation charges for both On the Beach and the supplier from your bookings. 
  • You’ll receive a confirmation email after you complete the steps. 

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