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Emirates Cancellation Policy & Refunds

Emirates is one of the largest airline companies based in the United Arab Emirates. The airline company is a subsidiary of the Emirates Group; its headquarters is in Garhoud, Dubai. The company has around three hundred air crafts in 80 countries on all six continents. 

Emirates Cancellation Policy

The outstanding service of Emirates has made it a popular choice among travel lovers. But how does the company’s cancellation policy work? Will Emirates give a full refund if you ever have to cancel your bookings? Let’s look into that and get a clear idea. 

How Does Emirates Cancellation Charges Work?

The Emirates cancellation policies are not very flexible. You will get a full refund only for the flex plus tickets under all classes. Like the Special or Saver tickets, the rest of the fares don’t have free cancellations. Or you can get a refund after paying a fee. 

However, you can get a refund for unused or partially unused tickets under these circumstances- 

Cancelling within 24 hours of booking Full refund 
You booked the ticket from the Emirates US website Full refund 
Your flight originates from the United States Full refund 
The airline cancels your flight and the new booking offered by them does not suit you  Full refund 
The aircraft departs from a European Union country and is delayed by five hours  Full refund 
You have a flex plus ticket and decide to cancel the booking  Full refund 
You cancel the booking due to bad weather conditions  Full refund 
You were denied boarding on a confirmed ticket  Full refund 
You could not board the flight due to an unforeseen situation like the death of your immediate family member, etc. (this cancellation is subject to documentary evidence and the company agreeing to it) Full refund 

The above are the conditions under which you can claim a free cancellation. There are a few other conditions that the Emirate cancellation policy has. Let’s look at them- 

  • You need to fill up and submit a ticket refund form to initiate the refund. 
  • You must cancel the flight before it departs; else, it appears as a “no-show.” 
  • You need to make the refund request from the ticket’s date. 
  • The company will proceed with the refund request within two weeks of submitting the documents. 
  • Refunds will be credited to the original payment mode used for booking tickets. 
  • Some flights require reconfirmation; if you do not reconfirm, your flight will be cancelled, and you will not get any refunds. 
  • If you don’t qualify for a full refund, the refund amount will depend on the fare conditions of your bookings. 
  • If you don’t qualify for a refund, you can extend your ticket validity for 24 months without any extra charges. 

How to Cancel Emirates Bookings? 

You can cancel your Emirates bookings by following these steps- 

  • Visit the Emirates website. 
  • Go to manage booking/ check-in
  • On the new page, enter your last name and the reference number
  • Again, click on the tab manage booking
  • Select and cancel your bookings. 

You can also cancel your flight by calling at (+1-866 399 0587)

You will receive a confirmation mail once you have successfully cancelled the flight. 

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