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Matalan returns

Company Name Matalan
Return Time Limit 14 days
Refund Time 2 weeks
Return Label Required
Original Packaging Required
Return Address Read below
Exceptions N/A

Matalan is one of the leading and well-known retailers which deals with fashion and homeware. It sells clothing, shoes, accessories, and more for all genders and ages. Additionally, deals with homeware as well. It was started long ago in the year 1985 in the United Kingdom. Currently, the company has more than 230 stores across UK with more than 13 thousand employees. The company also operates in Europe and Middle East with more than 30 different stores.

matalan returns

Matalan tries its best to provide the best customer support so also offers a process for product returns.

Matalan returns policy:

If you purchase products from Matalan, and you want to return them back due to any reason. You can return within the given time frame of 14 days. Due to the Covid-19 situation, the stores are closed so the returns process is disturbed.
You should have proof of purchase in the form of a receipt when you are returning a product. The products on sale cannot be returned back for a refund but exchanged. All the products you are going to return must not be used, worn, or washed.
The returning products should be having the original tags attached. And all the products should be packed within the original packaging.

Matalan returns:

You can simply return any products you want by two means. The easiest way is to return it back to the nearest store directly for free. If this is not possible, you can also return it back through the Post. You should repack the product(s) properly and send it back with a return note with complete information. Once your return is successfully received and processed, you will get a confirmation email. And soon within two weeks, you will get back the refund.

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  1. Tracey

    Why is it that I am not entitled for a refund on sale items bought online other stores give you a refund ie marks and Spencer’s I do not want a credit note or a exchange. Thanks

  2. Becky

    My parcel arrived today it’s supposed to be a gift, all the package is crushed and the kids smart watch has been messed with plus it’s a different colour than the one I ordered!! first and last time ordering from Matalan

  3. S Green

    I totally agree with some of the other comments. I have no problem with the initial p&p charge. But RETURNS SHOULD FREE. Not everyone has a Matalan store near by. And for some, myself Included, it is not easy to travel due to mobility issues. Matalan is letting itself down by our having to pay for returns. It does not encourage customers to shop with them again. Not good customer service.

  4. Cat

    If you have a store close by then I could actually see what I’m buying before I hand over my hard earned cash, instead of the hassle of returns because goods aren’t what they look like in the picture. Goods are expensive enough without the added cost of delivery and returns, usually it’s pay delivery ,free returns, or vice versa. Disgraceful

  5. maggie

    I returned clothing items to the store all eccepted but then was told, oh the computer here not working I have to go out to the back. I was given my original receipts back with no document to say they had been returned – ‘this is the way we do it here it will be ok I promise’.
    Two weeks later no refund.

  6. Barbara Burden

    First experience of using Matalan online and I purchased 2 items.1 was on sale….and I can see why😟.

    Trying to return this item is a nightmare; i’m disabled and live 10 miles away from the store – hence online shopping, there’s no print off labels, I went on the ‘returns’ to ask what to do and all I got was obviously predicated responses (which didn’t help), I’m still sitting with the unusable item…..and I’ve just read on line YOU CAN’T HAVE A REFUND FOR A SALE ITEM🤯

    Very expensive cleaning cloth!

  7. Rhon Coton

    Ordered from Matalan an. Orchid in crock pot, it was delivered in a black Matalan plastic bag, no protection around the blossom, one sheet of bubble wrap round the crock pot. Result crushed flowers broken pot. You have to see it to believe it.!

  8. E.Evans

    I , like one of the previous , tried to return an item only to find the post office telling me to take it to the Hermes syore. At the Hermes store, I was told they couldn’t take it as they needed another bar code!!! How then do I return my parcel?? Information with the parcel and on line ,is very sketchy.

    • Christine balmforth

      Recieved my parcel through the post when I opened it the hanger was broke and the item was in a awful state I wish to return this item can I take it back to my nearest matalan store .

    • Jane Mair

      Being new to on-line ordering I am really disappointed with the order received from matalan. Two items are the wrong size. On trying to return through hermes I have paid for an uplift only to find the bag back on my door step tonight with a label saying no barcode. What does that mean. I don’t have a refund for the uplift and I still have the wrong size items. Very frustrated as I don’t know what to do now.

  9. Debora Smith

    this morning took return parcel to post office was told to return with Hermes at local cleaners. took parcel there only to be told no bar code on label. is it me?

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