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Loveholidays Cancellation Policy

Have you booked a holiday package with Loveholidays that you want to cancel? If so, you would be glad to know that Loveholidays lets you cancel your packages before departure. Yet, in this case, if your concern is getting a refund, that is very uncertain. 

All Loveholidays bookings can be cancelled, provided you pay a cancellation fee. However, some portions of your package may not be cancelled and, thus, no refund will be issued against them. You can cancel your holiday yourself by visiting the Manage My Booking section. 

Let’s move ahead to know more about Loveholidays cancellation policy. 

Is Cancellation Possible at Loveholidays?

Yes, cancellation of any Loveholidays package is possible at any time before your departure. However, you need to pay the cancellation fee. 

Then again, your service providers may or may not offer a cancellation. Hence, the refund process is quite tricky and influenced by certain factors. 

Loveholidays Cancellation Eligibility

Cancellation Period:


All flights booked through Loveholidays are non-refundable. Hence, if you cancel your Loveholidays package, you won’t get a refund for the flight booking. 


While booking the hotel, if you had selected a non-refundable room, you will get no refund due to cancellation from your end. However, some hotel services can be cancelled. 

It won’t require any additional cost as long as they are refundable. Also, while some of them may charge a partial cancellation fee, others can set a full charge. 


Cancellation or refund for Ancillaries, such as airport parking and car hire, depends on the service provider. They may or may not charge any additional fee for cancellation. 

How to Cancel a Loveholidays Package?

Step 1: First, you need to have your LOV reference number along with the head passenger’s name to log in to their Manage My Booking section.

Step 2: Fill out the details on Manage My Booking and get in.

Step 3: You need to create a cancellation quote through the same tool. You will then see the details of refundable and non-refundable services. It will also show you the additional cancellation charges for your cancellation. 

Step 4: If you are sure to cancel your booking, pay the difference between your deposit and the cancellation fees you have been charged. The rest will be refunded. 

Loveholidays Cancellation Fee

Loveholidays charges you a standard cancellation fee (in addition to any other cancellation fees incurred by the airlines or hotels) of £75 per package. 

If you have only booked a hotel, you will be charged a £25 cancellation fee. The hotel can also charge you additional fees separately (if you booked a non-refundable room). 

Flights booked through LoveHolidays are 100% non-refundable. It includes the price for insurance and baggage. 

Service ProviderLoveholidays
Is Cancellation Possible?Yes
Cancellation ModeOnline via Manage My Booking
Loveholidays Cancellation EligibilityIt can be cancelled anytime before the departure 
Refund EligibilityFlights: Non-refundableAccommodation: Depends on the service provider (non-refundable in case of a non-refundable room selection) Ancillaries: Depends on the service provider
Cancellation ChargesPackage Booking: £75Hotel Booking: £25
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