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Loveholidays Cancellation Policy & Refunds

Loveholidays Returns & Refunds

All Loveholidays bookings can be canceled, provided you pay a cancellation fee. However, some portions of your package may not be canceled and, thus, no refund will be issued against them. You can cancel your holiday yourself by visiting the Manage My Booking section. 

Is Cancellation Possible at Loveholidays?

If your flight is canceled before your scheduled departure, you can expect to receive a refund within 14 days after your cancellation is acknowledged. In the event of a flight cancellation during your trip, the airline will initially refund the money to them, and they will transfer it to you within 5-7 days of receiving the refund from the airline.

Loveholidays Cancellation Eligibility

The eligibility for cancellation and the associated terms and conditions may vary depending on Loveholidays’ specific policies and the type of booking you have made.

  • Cancellation Period
  • You can cancel your Love holiday package anytime before your departure.
  • You cannot make any changes to the package within 5 days of your departure.
  • Some services offer you complete cancellation, whereas others may not. In that case, you won’t get a refund from the service providers. 
  • Flights

All flights booked through Loveholidays are non-refundable. Hence, if you cancel your Loveholidays package, you won’t get a refund for the flight booking. 

  • Accommodation

While booking the hotel, if you selected a non-refundable room, you will get no refund due to cancellation from your end. However, some hotel services can be canceled. 

It won’t require any additional cost as long as they are refundable. Also, while some of them may charge a partial cancellation fee, others can set a full charge. 

  • Ancillaries

Cancellation or refund for Ancillaries, such as airport parking and car hire, depends on the service provider. They may or may not charge any additional fee for cancellation. 

How to Cancel a Loveholidays Package?

To cancel your holiday with Loveholidays, you can use their mobile app or manage your booking online. You will receive a cancellation quote that includes any applicable fees and the refund amount. Loveholidays charges £75 per booking or £25 for hotel-only bookings to cover the processing costs, in addition to airline and accommodation cancellation fees. Non-refundable flights, non-refundable hotel rooms, and non-refundable transfers should be taken into consideration. Travel insurance can be canceled within 14 days of booking for a full refund. Ancillary services may be refundable based on the supplier’s terms. It is advisable to check Loveholidays’ terms and conditions and consider travel insurance coverage for potential refunds.

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