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Jet2 Cancellation Policy & Refunds or Jet2 is a British low-cost leisure airline that offers scheduled flights and chartered flights from the United Kingdom. It was founded in 1983, and today, it is the third-largest scheduled airline in the United Kingdom.

It has 82 destinations across the world and is known for its timely delivery and quality service. Today the brand offers excellent flight services and holiday packages. With every booking comes a question about their cancellation policy. 

Are you looking for the Jet2 cancellation policy and how to get refunds? Dive right in to know more about the topic.

Jet2 Flights Cancellation Policy 

Unfortunately, Jet2 flights are all non-refundable when you cancel them. The brand strongly recommends their customers take out comprehensive travel insurance at booking to cover unexpected cancellations.

However, Jet2 allows you to change dates or names of the customers free of cost or the difference of the tickets. It is a better option than cancelling the ticket.

There can be circumstances where the company Jet2 cancels the flights and doesn’t provide you with alternative flights and other amenities. In that case, they will refund the entire payment back to the original mode of payment.

If you are from the US, the 24-hour cancellation policy is applicable. Cancelling your tickets within 24 hours of purchase will get you a 100% refund.

How To Cancel Jet2 Flights

Cancelling flights in Jet2 is quite easy and straightforward. Follow the steps below to cancel your Jet2 flight:

  • Go to the official Jet2 website.
  • Click on “Manage My booking” on the main tab.
  • Select your flight and request cancellation.
  • Once you request, you will get an email to confirm.
  • Go to your mail and click on the link provided to confirm your cancellation.

Can You Cancel Jet2 Holidays

Jet2 offers exclusive holiday packages, which includes:

  • Flights (to and fro)
  • Baggage allowance
  • 2-5 star accommodations
  • Local cuisines
  • Meals and refreshments
  • Transportation
  • Activities to be done at the destination.

Jet2 allows any customer to cancel their holiday anytime. The cancellation is subject to a certain cancellation fee depending on the time of cancellation. 

Cancellation is only possible by the leading person of the troop or the person who has booked the holiday. They can log in to the official website and make changes.

In case it is through a travel agent, the travel agency should mail Jet2 in writing about the cancellation. Else the Jet2’s Per-Travel services to cancel their booking.

It’s essential to realise that certain parts of your booking which are non-refundable will be included in the cancellation charge. That includes non-refundable rooms, transport arrangements or meals, and refreshments which are part of the booking.

Sometimes, your transport supplier may not allow you to exchange your booking for another date based on the destination. They make you pay the total price for the additional booking while your previous booking is non-refundable.

Time Before Departure Total Booking Cost Charged 
70+ days Loss of deposit
69-57 days 30%
56-43 days 50%
42-29 days 70%
28-15 days 90%
14 days or less 100%

How To Cancel Jet2 Holidays

Cancelling holidays in Jet2 is quite easy and simple. Follow the steps below to cancel your Jet2 holiday package:

  • Go to the official Jet2 website.
  • Click on “Manage My booking” on the main tab.
  • Select your holiday package and request cancellation.
  • Once you request, you will get an email to confirm.
  • Go to your mail and click on the link provided to confirm your cancellation.

You can cancel one person in the package, but that is not free. You will have to pay a cancellation charge, but instead, you can change the name and take someone else for the trip. You can also change the dates and names of the booking. You just have to ensure other Jet2 holiday packages are available for the alternate dates.

Do You Think It Is Pretty Expensive?

Jet2 is one such airline and holiday provider that is quite expensive, but at the same time, they are always on time, provide the best quality, and are worth the penny. 

But at times, you can’t help but cancel your bookings. It will cost a fortune to cancel your holiday, but there are ways to recover your cancelled holiday.

Not many are aware of this, but Jet2 provides you with an alternative to cancelling your holiday. You can sell it to another customer. Check out “Can I sell my Jet2 holiday” in the main tab and find customers who can buy your holiday ticket. 

SpareFare can help you here to find a buyer for a small charge if you cannot find anyone. It is better than losing the whole charge.

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