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Airbnb Cancellation Policy & Refunds

Airbnb is an American company that started operating in 2007. It is an online marketplace where hosts can rent out places for accommodation, and guests can look for stays.  

Its co-founders first came up with the idea to allow paying guests to sleep in their living room on an air mattress. According to recent data, Airbnb is currently operational in more than 220 countries globally, and it has hosted more than 1 billion guests over the past decade. 

The reason for the rapid popularity of Airbnb is its easy booking and cancellation policy. Wondering how to initiate a cancellation? Read on to learn everything about the Airbnb cancellation policy. 

How Can You Cancel Airbnb Booking Online?

Airbnb has different cancellation policies to benefit both the hosts and the guests. The cancellation policy can be either flexible, strict or moderate, and the hosts decide which one they want to opt for.  

Flexible cancellation policy 

Prior to 24 hours of check-in Free cancellation 
Post 24 hour check-in period  Full refund except for the cost of first night and service fee

Moderate cancellation policy 

5 days prior to check in  Free cancellation
Cancellation post 5 days before check-in period 50% refund 

Strict cancellation policy 

Cancelling within 48 hours of booking (must be before 14 days prior to check-in) Free cancellation
Cancelling before 7 days of check-in 50% refund except for the service fee

Airbnd has a separate cancellation policy for long-term stays (28 days or more). Let’s have a look at the the long-term cancellation policy as well- 

Cancelling within 48 hours of booking (must be 20 days prior to check-in) Free cancellation 
Cancelling after 48 hours Full refund except for the first 30 days and service fee

Super strict policy (30 days) 

Cancelling 30 days prior to check-in 50% refund; however, the service fee isn’t refundable. 

Super strict policy (60 days) 

Cancelling 60 days prior to check-in 50% refund; however, the service fee isn’t refundable. 

Airbnb Refund Policy for Guests in Special Conditions 

In the above tables, we have clearly specified the cancellation policies and the refund you will get according to them. However, there are certain other conditions based on which guests can get a refund. 

Issues related to the safety and health of guests

If you feel that the host hasn’t cleaned the rooms, if there are safety issues or if you find the presence of pets or animals, you can request a refund. For that, you have to. 

  • Notify Airbnb within twenty-four hours of check-in. 
  • The guests will have to provide photos and videos as proof of their claim. Additionally, they will also have to show that they have tried to get in touch with the host and tried to resolve the issue. After receiving the proof, Airbnb will investigate the claim and provide a refund to the guests. 

Inaccessibility of the accommodation 

If the host changes the reservation details or cancels the booking within 24 hours of check-in without the guests’ consent, then you can claim a refund. 

Inaccurate property information 

If the property listing contains inaccurate information like- size, location, number of rooms, amenities, broken appliances etc., then also a guest can request a refund. 

You will receive the payment in the same payment method that you used for booking. You will receive the refund within 10 days of initiating the cancellation. However, the duration may vary depending on different payment methods. 

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