Dorothy Perkins returns

Dorothy Perkins is a British company dealing with fashion products specially for women. It is a multinational retailer which sells its own produced products as well as other branded products. The products mainly consist of clothing, starts from formal and casual wear to sport and swimwear. It also sells shoes and fashion accessories such as bags, hats, jewelry, watches, and others. Nowadays it is one of leading fashion brand.


Dorothy Perkins like other big companies, also has the process of returns for products after purchase.

Dorothy Perkins returns policy:

If you do not like the product after purchase and want to return back, you can return it to the stores or send it back through post or different carriers.
You can return back to store within 14 days and within 45 days through an online return request due to Corona Situation.
The returning product should still have all the tags with it. And it should be in the original packaging.
You should not return a product after washing or wearing.
Due to the hygiene problems, you can not return some of the products like swimwear and undergarments without the hygiene seal.
You will not be able to return the pierced jewelry too, due to hygiene conditions.

Dorothy Perkins returns:

If you are not happy with any of the products you buy, you can follow an easy process to return back. You can directly return it to any store of the company near to you. The proof of the purchase should be there with it.
You can also send it back through different carriers by using the attached return label with the product.  If you still need help, you can always contact the customer support team.

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