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Debenhams Returns & Refunds

Debenhams is an online retail brand based in the UK. Debenhams was founded in 1778, and back then, it used to operate as a single store in London.

Debenhams returns

Debenhams today operates in 178 locations across the globe. The original Debenhams brand has just recently been bought by Boohoo. The new owners relaunched the website and reopened the stores. And now, Debenhams is a leading online retailer selling all types of clothing, housing, and furniture.

To return the goods bought from Limited, a returns policy with certain terms and conditions applies. But since Debenhams sells the Debenhams products and the products from many other brands, the returns policy may vary accordingly.

Summary of the Debenhams Returns Policy

Return period  28 days 
Debenhams products  Debenhams returns policy
Concessionaire brand products Concessionaire brand return policies
Packaging required  Sealable, waterproof, and non-see-through
Exceptions to return and refund Pierced jewelry, Swimwear, lingerie, and cosmetics with broken seals 

Debenhams Returns Policy

For the items bought under a contract with a concessionaire brand on Debenhams, the returns policy of the brand applies. For that purpose, find a delivery note in your parcel. Proceed according to those return policy conditions specific to every brand.

The concessionaire brands will process their products’ return, exchange, and refund.

The Debenhams returns and refund policies apply for the products bought against a contract with Debenhams.

Debenhams entertains the return of bought items within 28 days of the purchase. In-store purchases will be returned in-store. Bring your paper or electronic receipt along, and the store will process your return, exchange, or refund according to the policies.

For the Debenham products bought online, proceed as follows:

1.       Debenhams does not include a delivery note in their parcels. So, you will have to visit their returns portal online. Fill in the required slots, such as your email and order number.

2.       It will ask you to select one option regarding the postage labels: print at home or in-store. Choose ‘print at home’ for the return of your online purchases.

3.       Once you get your postage label, you are ready to post off the items to be returned.

4.       Once Debenhams gets your returned parcel, you will get a confirmation email. So, keep an eye on that.

Use a reputable, trackable service for the return of your order.

Debenhams Returns Policy Conditions

1.       The items should be unworn and undamaged.

2.       The shoes should be tried indoors only.

3.       The items to be returned should have their original labels or tags attached.

4.       You must have your postage receipt until you get your refund.

5.       It is not necessary to repack your items in the original packaging. Any package you choose will work as long as it is non-see-through, waterproof, and properly sealed.

6.       For efficient and fast processing of your request, return your separate orders in separate parcels. Do not use a single packaging or parcel for more than one order.

Return of Faulty Goods

If you have received a parcel with defective items, you need to go to Debenhams website’s ‘Contact Us’ page. With your first contact with the team, proceed with the following information:

  1. Your name
  2. Order number
  3. Name of the defected item
  4. Product code
  5. The fault in the item
  6. Picture of the faulty item

Or you can directly fill out the returns form and send them the picture of the faulty item when they contact you back. Once your complaint gets registered and confirmed, Debenhams will offer you a repair, refund, or exchange depending upon the degree of the defect.

Exceptions of Refund

1.       Debenhams will not entertain your request for a return or refund for pierced jewelry.

2.       For face masks, cosmetics, and lingerie, the returns or the refund request won’t be processed if the seal is broken.

3.       The brand has the right to block your online account if you have been suspected of bringing damaged or worn items for return.


  1. Ann Marshall

    I returned a Jolie Moi dress cost £85 on 23/2/23. I still haven’t received the credit in my bank account. That was 1 month ago today. I’m not happy. I need the £85 ASAP please

  2. Mr graham obrien

    Same here ,the bastrads dont want you to return goods I’ve looked on web ,just go around in circles ,no tel nu .never have anything g again from bastards no return label.

  3. Rita murray

    Have 3 items to return bought before Christmas unfortunately I deleted my email with the order number how can I return for a refund?

  4. Kim Brimble

    Debenhams was such a good store but the online service is absolutely rubbish. No clear instructions on how to return no returns label etc I’m stressed right out so I will never ever be purchasing anything from Debenhams again they should take example from Fat Face brilliant returns service so clear, lessons to be learnt here.

  5. Marion Bell

    I need to return two items and there isn’t a return label inside,is this because Debenhams /Wallis don’t want to have clothes returned now,so they are making it really difficult for people. In the hope that they will give up trying!!!!,I won’t be purchasing anything else from them in future.And I would recommend it you are reading this ,that you won’t either .

  6. Mary

    HI Folks

    Does anybody know of a valid Debenhams customer service email that actually works? There does not seem to be any valid email address?

    • Jenny Parker

      I am having the same problem, I’m now so desperate that if I had an address for them I would stand the cost and pay to return the wretched parcel myself!! But I want to make sure I get a refund of £65.

    • Jenny Parker

      The trick is to go to their online “contact us” section go to complaints then write your message in the message box. in around 48 hours you should get a reply, make note of the ‘contact number’ in your reply message then you can at least message the same person.
      It hasn’t resolved my problem yet as the returns section doesn’t recognise my order number!
      The reply from them tells me not to leave any spaces either side of my email address when I enter it. How am I supposed to edit THEIR online form??

  7. Rosina Rothwell

    I have still not received my promised refund for a white shirt purchased on June 12th( 14th June £26-49 taken from my account in payment).
    The shirt was delivered on 16th June and returned via Hermes on 17th June. Please refund me!

  8. Jacqueline Heath

    I need to return a dress to you. I cannot print off a label as I do not possess a printer. Could you post a returns label to me.

  9. Joan Rees

    I have received a king size mattress topper , and I’m not satisfied with the king size mattress topper and I want to return it . There was not return form or label to send the item back . So I need to know how to return the item back to Debenhams. I’m not happy with Debenhams and I don’t think I will have any dealings with them again

  10. Diane Fairclough

    i ordered a pair of mens jeans on 15th june The jeans didnt fit and were returned the day after delivery .The order no is DUX000225556
    i still havent recieved my refund .PLease look into this before i take further action .

  11. Barbara Farrow

    I need a label to return two dresses, wrong size, I cannot print,off label. How do I return these goods to you?

  12. Valerie Franklin

    I ordered Kicker Boots from Debenhams on 23/3/21 and returned them on 7/4/21 and I still haven’t had a refund, they were £34 plus £2.99 postage

  13. mrs j dickson

    i have returned a pair of mantaray jeans by hermes and i still haven,t been refunded and that was on the 6th of january

  14. D Zink

    I have a gormless Hermes courier here in Housten Renfrew. He can only do deliveries an does not know how to accept returns. even though the parcel has been in the open front porch for two weeks, keeps saying unable to collect it. Hermes impossible to contact to report it.

  15. Wendy Mary Ricciardi

    I have a parcel to return, but need a label. Have been to my nearest Hermes drop off, but need a “Is” no. Where do i get this?

  16. Judith Morris

    I live in England but the boots I ordered have a return address in Dublin which means I am expected to pay the cost of postage. If I had realised this when I ordered the boots then I wouldn’t have ordered them Can I return them to my local Debenhams in Exeter when it re-opens.

  17. Pam Russell

    I ordered a pair of mantaray jeans for my husband waist 36 leg 30. When they arrived he tried them on but they were to big, I didn’t realise this and thought he wanted to keep them and I removed the label he than told me that they didn’t fit can I return them with the label missing they are in perfect condition he’s only tried them on

  18. Helen Nolan

    I received my Phase Eight Dress today from Debenhams but find that it is too big how can I return it I am in Ireland what address do I use.

    • mrs ca dyball

      how can i return a parcel as there was no returns label an and the coat is to big and i am not allowed to go out i live on my own and over 80

    • Mrs Martha Taggart

      I Bought A Gents Jacket size Medium, but is too Small I Got, it, out of Debenhams in East Kilbride I was told it was opening up on the 26th April But never Opened HAVE Receipt I’m 77 yrs of, and can’t. Afford to lose the Money as It Was. £47 50

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