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Center Parcs Cancellation Policy

Do you plan to spend your upcoming holidays in the serene villages of the UK? If so, Center Parcs must be the first option to come to your mind. But, what if you can’t make it? It is not the first time people have to cancel their bookings at the last minute. What does the Center Parcs cancellation policy say?

Center Parcs Cancellation Policy

First, Center Parcs has a generous cancellation policy. You can cancel your activities at any time but 10 hours before you arrive at the villages. In most cases, you will get a refund as well. For the benefit of its clients, Center Parcs’ cancellation policy is relatively simple. Let’s see how it is. 

Does Center Parcs Have a Cancellation Policy?

Yes, the European network of holiday villages, Center Parcs, has a hospitable cancellation policy. You can cancel any activity within your itinerary, from restaurant reservations to spa services. 

The good news is that Center Parcs has temporarily removed cancellation charges.  

Center Parcs Cancellation Eligibility 

Center Parcs cancellation policy lets you cancel your activities at any time before 10 hours of your arrival. You can get a full refund or 50% refund based on your time of cancellation. Before you cancel your Center Parcs activity, you need to remember the following points:

  • Center Parcs has temporarily removed their cancellation charges
  • You will get a full refund for any activities canceled 72 hours before the start time.
  • For cancellations within 72 hours of the start time, you will get only a 50% refund.
  • You cannot cancel your activities online 10 hours before the start time.
  • Any activities booked through call/customer service cannot be canceled online. 
  • Cancellation is only eligible on future bookings. You cannot cancel any past bookings. 
  • For canceling your activities, you have to cancel each item in turn.

How to Cancel Your Center Parcs Booking

You can cancel your Center Parcs booking online through their site. If you have booked activities via call/customer support, you may not be able to change anything online. To cancel your Center Parcs booking, follow the steps below:

  • Log in to Center Parcs to access your account
  • You will find “My Itinerary” within the “My Booking” menu. Click on it.
  • Now, you need to cancel each item in turn. Select an activity, and you will see a ‘cancel’ 
  • button below on the page. Click on it. 
  • You should now get a green refund button. Click on the button
  • Voila! You have successfully canceled your booking with Center Parcs. There should be a confirmation page displayed. 

Please note that Center Parcs does not send a cancellation email. 

How Do You Get a Refund?

You have to click on the green Refund button to process your refund while canceling your activity. You will get a full refund only if you cancel your activity before 72 hours of the start time. Anything after that will only offer a 50% refund. The refund will be credited back to the card used for payment.

Center Parcs Cancellation Fee

Center Parcs does not charge you any cancellation fee temporarily. All cancellations made at least 72 hours before the start time is subject to a full refund. 

Service ProviderCenter Parcs
Is Cancellation Possible?Yes
Cancellation ModeOnline Cancellation EligibilityUnder any circumstances before 10 hours of the start of any activity
Refund EligibilityFull refund for cancellations made before 72 hours of the start of the activity.50% refund for cancellation made within 72 hours before start of the activity.  
Cancellation ChargesDoes not charge any cancellation fee temporarily