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AnyVan Cancellation Policy & Refunds

AnyVan is a European marketplace for transport, delivery, and removal services. The company was founded in 2009 by Benn Goor and Angus Elphinstone.

AnyVan Cancellation Policy

It matches the delivery route of their customer to their transport provider and connects them. The marketplace was created to tackle the problem of excessive removal pricing and huge carbon dioxide emissions because of poor logistics.

 If you want to book your AnyVan service, there are specific terms and conditions you must be aware of, including the cancellation policy.

AnyVan does have a cancellation policy for its customers. Let’s find out how it works in this article.

AnyVan Cancellation Policy: Things You Must Know

This is how the AnyVan cancellation policy works

Cancellation by customers

Cancelling less than 24 hours before the transport service due date You will get no refund on the booking price
Cancelling less than 48 hours before the transport service owing date You will get a 50% refund on the booking price
Cancelling more than 48 hours before the transport service due date No cancellation charges

You will have to notify the company in writing or by telephone to cancel your booking. After making the cancellation request, you will have to wait until you receive the cancellation confirmation. You’ll receive the refund within five working days of the AnyVan storage team receiving the cancellation request.

Cancellation by AnyVan

Cancellation by AnyVan on the breach of terms in the contract No refund
Anyvan is unable to provide the services as promised upon booking Full refund
If AnyVan is unable to accommodate services after booking Full refund

Things to Consider Other Than the Cancellation Charges

Apart from the cancellation charges, these are the conditions under which AnyVan will be liable for loss or damage to your goods-

●      AnyVan’s liability is fixed to £100 per individual product for claims of damage or loss to goods due to AnyVan’s negligence or breach of contract.

●      If goods are stolen/destroyed by fire (when stored under the provision of their service), AnyVan’s liability is limited to £50,000 for all goods.

●      You will have to provide proof or evidence for the value of your damaged or stolen goods to reclaim the compensation.

●      Additionally, if AnyVan damages the premises or property other than the goods due to their negligence or breach of contract, AnyVan is only liable to repair the damaged area. The liability is limited to £1000.

AnyVan is not liable for

●      Any damage caused because of your negligence or breach of contract.

●      Damage caused by moth, vermin, or other infestation.

●      Damage of perishable items.

●      Damage caused during loading or unloading goods against AnyVan’s advice.

●      Damage occurred to already defective items.

●    AnyVan only transports animals or plants on special requests and properly organised bookings. However, it is not responsible for any harm caused to the plants or animals during the transportation.

●      Damage occurred after the goods were delivered.

●   Loss of personal items but not just limited to jewellery, clothes, bags etc., unless properly packed.

●      The loss occurred due to natural disasters, pandemics, or epidemics.


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