dpd returns

DPD is one of the leading Parcel delivery service providers which runs internationally. It mainly deals with normal parcels which has a weight less than 30 kilograms. The company delivers more than 5.3 million packages around the globe every day. The company’s headquarter is located in France but its services are available in UK, Europe, Asia, Africa and more globally. It is currently growing rapidly and generate more than 7 billion euros annually.

DPD provides products returns/refunds services as well like delivery services.

dpd returns policy:

If you are not satisfied with the services and want to apply for a return/refund. You can have 28 days starting from the day you place an order.
After accepting the return request, the refund will be made by the same payment method used for purchasing.
Refunds can take around 6-7 working days after confirmation. And will be sent to the person who actually placed the order.

dpd returns:

If you want to request for a refund from DPD local, you can claim for a refund through the help center online. You can log in and go to the refund request form. When you provide the complete information such as reference number, reason and more by following the given steps. You will be sent a confirmation email with the details. And soon you will get back the refund.

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