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DFS Cancellation Policy & Refunds

Company Name DFS
Cancellation Time Limit 14 days
Refund Time 14 days
Cancellation Cost Free, unless the package is shipped
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dfs cancellations

DFS Online Order Cancellations

You are eligible for a full refund and cancellation, within 14 days of your order date. To be eligible for cancellation, you will need to contact them via phone (provided below) within 14 days of your purchase for online orders. If the package has already been shipped, you will not be able to cancel, however, you are still eligible for a refund.

For online order cancellations, dial: 1800 535 580

DFS In-Store Cancellations

For items purchased from a store, you will need to directly visit the store. All cancellations are reviewed on an individual basis and depend on the type of item you purchased. If the shipment of your item has already begun, you will not be able to cancel your order.