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B&Q Tradepoint Returns & Refunds

Company Name B&Q Tradepoint
Return Time Limit 90 days
Refund Time 14 days
Return Cost Free
Original Packaging Required
Return Address Read below
Exceptions Tools Equipment
Return Link https://www.B&Q

Received a faulty item from B&Q Tradepoint? or you simply do not like the new product you bought? Read below to see if you are eligible for a refund from B&Q Tradepoint.  


B&Q Tradepoint Returns Policy

Once your item has been delivered to you, you have 90 days to submit a return/refund request to B&Q Tradepoint. In order to do so, you will need to go to the manage orders page on their website or mobile application. Or follow this link: Submit a Return Now

Some of their special items are not returnable or refundable. For special items, it’s best to contact their customer service team before sending the item back, to make sure you will receive a refund.

While most of their products are refundable, the returned items must be in their original condition. Returned items will be reviewed by their team before you’re issued a refund. You must also include the original tag that came with your product in your returns package. You also have the option to request a replacement in case your item is faulty.

B&Q Tradepoint Returns

The process of return is simple. If you want to return a product then you have to visit the B&Q Tradepoint website or contact the customer support team and get your return authorization. Then repack your goods and follow the return instruction for sending your parcel back to the retailer.

B&Q Tradepoint Refunds

You will receive a confirmation email once they receive the package in their warehouse. It may take up to 5 working days for them to process your item and decide if you are eligible for a refund.

Once the item is returned to B&Q Tradepoint, it will take them 14 days to process your refund. In case your item is received in an unacceptable condition, they will send the item back to you and you will not be eligible for a refund.